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Tag: Brothers of the Brush

Brothers of the Brush

Maybe you prefer a simple moustache. Or, is it the handlebar that catches your eye? Is it a simple, clean goatee that adds the right touch? Maybe you are the full-on lumberjack beard kind of guy? Regardless, now is the time to get that facial hair growing and join the Brothers of the Brush.

Brothers of the Brush is a celebration tradition for Miamisburg, and becoming a member of this Brush is an honor for Bicentennial participants. While men are encouraged to grow some type of facial hair reflective of the time when Miamisburg was founded, there is a price to pay.

To grow a beard or moustache, or combination thereof, you must purchase a license for 25 cents. The holder should be able to produce the license or face dire consequences not limited to “jail” time. You never know where Brothers of the Brush Police will show their bearded faces!

Are you challenged in the facial hair area? Fear not, you can escape public ridicule by becoming a member of the Smoothies Club. A 25-cent license in this club will forgive you the inability to sprout the fuzz.

Growing efforts will be rewarded on June 23 at the Center Stage in Riverfront Park. This is when there will be judging of the longest beard, longest handlebar moustache, Best Moustache Judge’s Choice, Best Full Beard Judge’s Choice, Best Groomed Facial Hair Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice awards. Trophies will be taken home by all winners.

Licenses are on sale now and can be purchased from the Bicentennial Headquarters in the Market Square Building.  Larry Williams and Joe Stebbins are serving as committee chairs. Souvenir pins are also available for $1.