Local Family History

Is your family a part of Miamisburg’s long and colorful history? If so, let the Miamisburg Historical Society and Bicentennial Committee hear from you.

Make your mark on this Star City party and answer some questions about your family with a game of “How Blue and White Are Your Roots?” Answer questions about your family history in Miamisburg, and your family history will be recognized for being True Blue with a place in the new time capsule!

1. How many generations of your family have lived in Miamisburg/Miami Township? Details.
2. How many generations of your family have graduated from MHS? Names and years.
3. Several sets of triplets have been born in the Burg. Does this include your family? Names.
4. Can your roots be traced back to founding families? How?
5. Has your family owned a business in Miamisburg? Details.
6. Have any members of your family served on City Council or as Mayor? City employees? School Board? Teachers? Names and positions.
7. Has your family made significant contributions to the City? Describe
8. Do you live in a family home/property? Where and number of generations.

All responses should be received by June 2 and may be emailed to MHSociety@att.net with a subject line of Time Capsule 2018 or mailed to the Miamisburg Historical Society, attn. Time Capsule 2018, 4 N. Main St., Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

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