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Drums on the Miami

In honoring the eras and events that have made Miamisburg the Star City, it is only appropriate the very beginnings of this area be recognized.  So on June 16-17 the City’s Bicentennial Celebration will kick-off at Beachler Field with Drums on the Miami honoring the Native American heritage that runs so deep in Miamisburg.

Long before Peter and John Treon, Emanuel Gebhart and Jacob Kercher ever set foot on the ground that became Miamisburg, Native Americans resided along the banks of the Great Miami River and established villages for our first citizens. The presence of the Miamisburg Indian burial mound, and the treasures spewed from the fertile fields in the area, are evidence of another time in history for this place we call home.

Drums on the Miami will offer a unique look into Native American life through dance, music, stories and food.

Families will have the opportunity to see and learn the meaning of dances performed at a Native American Pow Wow and the significance of the clothing worn by the dancers.

Chief Logan and Tecumseh will discuss their lives and the part they played in early American history. Other speakers will share the history of the Miamisburg Mound and the Native American activity that took place in the Miamisburg area.

The sound of the Native American flute is familiar to us all.  An Oglala Lakota will explain the meaning and history of flutes and demonstrate how these melodious instruments are made.

There will also be a number of Native American vendors displaying items made in the way of their ancestors. They will happily answer questions and will have wares available for purchase. There will even be a vendor offering a taste of buffalo.

Beachler Field is located on Tenth Street.  Bring your own chairs for comfort.


Schedule of Activities (both days)

10:00 Welcome and Opening Ceremony

10:45 Grass Dance

11:05 History of Miami Valley Indians

11:45 Jingle Dress Dance

12:05 Chief Cornstalk Speaks

12:45 Men’s Fancy Dance

1:05 Native American Flute

1:45 Women’s Shawl Dance

2:05 Children’s Candy Dance

2:25 Tecumseh Speaks

3:05 Men’s Straight Dance

3:25 Story of Miamisburg Mound

4:00 Blanket Dance

4:20 Men’s Traditional Dance

4:40 Closing Remarks and Farewell

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