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Bicentennial Committees and Planners

The celebration planning is always in need of volunteers, please feel free to contact us and volunteer your time.
This group of involved citizens, and many more, have come together to plan Miamisburg’s 2018 Bicentennial celebration.

Executive Committee

General Chairman Dick Church Jr.
Assistant Chair Kurt Stueve
Celebration Manager John Woods
Treasurer Phyllis Abney
Secretary Corey Chick

Finance Committee

Chairman Shon Myers
  Phyllis Abney
  Lee Hieronymus
  Jim Lenz
  Tom Croskey
  Jim Lenz

Public Relations Committee

Co-Chair Kimm Mote
Co-Chair Gary Giles
Souvenirs Chair Tracy Goodpaster

Marketing Advisory Committee

Chair Carol O’Connell
Entertainment Chairs Mike Kierstead, Patrick Kierstead
Music Chair Stephen Aylward
Bobbye Sweny
Pat Roeller
Elise Hafenbrack
Jean Rishforth


Parade Marshalls Judy and Doug Stamm
Ladies Day Chairs Mollie Williams, Nancy Hamilton
Veteran Activities Chairs Randy Staley, Wayne Kern
Brothers of the Brush Chairs Larry Williams, Joe Stebbins
Youth Day Chair Parks and Recreation
Business Day Chair Jrff Nestor, Pat Foley
Carnival/Concessions Chair Pat Murphy
Drums on the Miami Chair Jim Caldwell
Time Capsule Chair Gary Petticrew
Committee Members Paul Miller/Masons
  Barbara Butts
  Jom Church
  Rolla Broerman
  Ken Scarborough
  Judy Wuerstl
  Karl Zimmerman
Religious Heritage Days Miamisburg Ministerial Assn.

Service Clubs Committee

Chair Brian Yeakley
  Pat Foley
  Jeff Nestor
Happy Customer

Dick Church Jr.

“Welcome to the 2018 Miamisburg Bicentennial celebrating 200 years of Miamisburg innovation, spirit and determination, enjoy all of the Bicentennial festivities”
Mayor, Miamisburg Ohio
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